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Postby the silver surfer » Tue May 17, 2011 9:04 pm

Projectlink : Ideologias@Home

The aim of the project Ideologias@Home is to study how people in a certain region evolve ideologically over time respect to an idea. When an idea is introduced in a society, the population is divided naturally into four groups:

- Extremists: those who defend the idea extremely.

- Moderates: those who defend the idea moderately.

- Opponents: those who are against the idea.

- Abstentionists: those who do not matter, abstain or have not opinion.

People change their mind because peer pressure, the influence of mass media or because is decided by oneself. Under these assumptions, we propose dynamic models, determine the parameters, predict trends and analyse results.

You can contact the researcher on charge for additional information:
Doctor Javier Villanueva
Email jvillanueva AT
Phone number +34 91 809 92 00 extension 210
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - CES Felipe II
Aranjuez - Madrid - Spain
Project Web PageHERE
Project Status Page ... status.php
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